Clin-Q Biostatistical Support Services

Clin-Q is an independent statistical consultancy firm built on the philosophy of working in close collaboration with the client and always going the extra mile. We offer commitment, quality, flexibility, expertise, a practical approach and a range of services to help you to achieve the full potential of your project and your data. Off-the-shelf solutions are never able to fully answer the precise questions; therefore, a tailored solution will be provided every time. Depending upon your needs, we can provide ongoing support on your project(s) or advice on an ad-hoc basis.

Clin-Q History

Clin-Q is founded in 2021 by Corine Baljé-Volkers. Corine studied Mathematics and specialized in Statistics, and has since gained more than 25 years of experience in the field of Clinical Statistics, Data Management and Medical Writing. Corine is a certified Biostatistician. Her experience includes general management and statistical consultancy for a multitude of national- and international clients such as contract research organisations, pharmaceutical/biotechnological companies, medical device companies and academic hospitals. She has expertise in the field of clinical trials (phase I to phase IV) for a large amount of therapeutic areas (including rare disease trials), non-compartmental PK, toxicity and animal studies, statistical training and audits.